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Women's Health Boutique


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Services Focused on Women's Healthcare

Women have unique healthcare needs. During those times, trust the professionals at the Women's Health Boutique located at Airway Oxygen Inc. to provide professional services and healthcare supplies to meet the wide range of health care needs unique to women.

Post-Breast Surgery Services

For women who have undergone a lumpectomy, mastectomy or a breast reconstruction, the Women's Health Boutique provides a variety of bras, tops, swimsuits, breast forms, camisole's and more. All of the products we provide will be fitted to your body to ensure you feel comfortable as you recover from surgery. Our products include:

  • Soft bras
  • Non-wired bras
  • Underwired bras
  • Cosmetic breast forms
  • Camisoles
  • Swimsuits

Compression Therapy

Whether you're living with swelling caused by chronic conditions like lymphedema or acute swelling brought on by pregnancy, the Women's Health Boutique can offer compression garments that can control swelling, encourage fluid flow and relieve pain.

With compression garments, you can continue to lead an active lifestyle with a garment that is fitted to you by a professional fitter. Compression garments are available in a variety of colors and textures, and include:

  • Lymphedema sleeves and gauntlets
  • Custom compression hosiery
  • Compression garments and supports
  • Maternity compression hosiery

Hair Loss Solutions

There are a variety of factors that lead to hair loss for women, from conditions such as hormone imbalance or Alopecia or as a result of cancer treatments that include chemotherapy and radiation. The Women's Health Boutique can provide solutions that fit your style while helping you feel beautiful with products such as wigs, hats, and turbans. We have a variety of wigs available, including options with flesh tone caps and hairstyles that include highlights, blends and gradient roots to give the appearance of your natural hair.

Contact the Women's Health Boutique

To learn more about the services available to you at the Women's Health Boutique by Airway Oxygen Inc., simply stop in at one of our boutique in Grand Rapids or by contacting us today.

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